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Meet the Team

Our Tamarack Adventure & Retreat Center team shares a passion for the outdoors and an enthusiasm for working with youth and adult groups. While we extensively train each and every staff member, most come with prior experience in team building, outdoor skills and environmental education.

Erin Okuniewski



Erin first came to Tamarack as a Sustainability intern while completing her BS in Environmental Studies at Michigan State University. Since then Erin has been an Educator, lead teens on summer-long backpacking trips, and joined our Adventure Leadership Team, all at Tamarack Camps! We are thrilled to have Erin bringing her expertise to our program at Tamarack Adventure & Retreat Center.

Marisa Murphy



Marisa has filled many roles at Tamarack, from an intern, to Educator to camp counselor. Tamarack Adventure & Retreat Center is thrilled to have her as their Program Manager, bringing a wealth of experience and education with her, though neither compare to her bright smile and exceptional attitude. Marisa graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS in Environment and Natural Resources.

Mark Noble



Mark Noble has always had an immense passion for the outdoors, and working at Tamarack during his college years only solidified his desire to be surrounded by nature. Mark loves to travel and has spent quite a bit of time exploring the US, UK, Israel and Mexico. But throughout all his journeys, he has come to believe one thing: in Michigan, at Tamarack Adventure & Retreat Center, the air is cleaner, the weather is more crisp, and there’s truly no place like it.

As the Community Liaison Director for Tamarack Adventure & Retreat Center, Mark spends his time talking to business and community leaders, taking them on tours, and offering their staff an opportunity to embrace the great outdoors, close to home.

Matt Russell



Matt first came to Tamarack from Australia for a summer job in 2005, and he fell in love with camp, returning for several summers and working for the year-round program, Tamarack Adventure & Retreat Center as Head of Operations. Tamarack is where he met his American wife, and the two of them spent the first five years of their marriage in Australia. Since moving back to the States in the winter of 2018, Matt has joined the Leadership team for Tamarack and works diligently to ensure a positive experience for all of our guests.

Alex Rosenberg



Alexandra (Alex) Rosenberg was born and raised in Michigan and is honored to work the land of her home state. Food, farming and positive environmental participation are the front and center of Alex’s life and she is thrilled to bring these passions to Tamarack Camps as the Farber Farm Manager. She received her field management training from The Organic Farm School in Washington state and her Permaculture Design Certificates from the Sonoran Permaculture Guild of Tucson, Arizona and the Midwest Permaculture Guild of Stelle, Illinois.

Jess Wolfe



Jess Wolfe joined the team as the Farm Educator on Camp Maas’s Farber Farm in May 2018. She is honored to help build an inclusive, and environmentally conscious, community through the farm, while empowering and inspiring campers and visitors to explore the natural world and their earth-loving roots. Jess graduated Michigan State University’s ‘Organic Horticulture Management’ program and received her Permaculture Design Certification through Eco-Israel. 

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