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The Seasons of The Farber Farm

Walking around the Farber Farm, you’ll find corn, pumpkins, tomatoes, beans, basil, and so much more. The vibrant colors of the various plants finally showed after months of construction and planting. The farm manager, Alex Rosenberg worked closely with the construction crew to make this project a reality. The plans started years ago when the … Read more

A Corporate Family Retreat

When you were in school did you know everyone in your grade? What about now at work; can you name every coworker? The Sachse Enterprise is trying to make that a reality. Calling their trip at Tamarack Adventure the “Family Meeting 8,” members of all 5 of their companies made their way to camp. Professionals … Read more

See You Later Fletcher

Tamarack Adventure strives to teach teamwork and good communication through games and activities. Our interns, educators, seasonal, and year-round staff prepare, practice, and train to hone those skills. It would be impossible to succeed in helping others if we couldn’t do it ourselves. And there’s one leader on our team who deserves much credit for … Read more

History Comes Alive in Smoklerville!

When was the last time you immersed yourself in something unfamiliar? Maybe you traveled to a different country or even just an unfamiliar destination. At Tamarack Adventure & Retreat Center, groups do it all the time.  Smoklerville, or as it’s commonly referred to as Pioneer Skills, is a program where students have the chance to … Read more

Tamarack Teamwork Makes the College Kids Work

Good communication, patience, and teamwork are all attributes leaders need as well as skills Tamarack Adventure promotes through their programs. Tamarack Adventure doesn’t simply teach these traits to young students, but to people who are already leaders. Eastern Michigan University (EMU) brought their orientation team to learn, reflect, and grow. Referred to as the OTEAM, … Read more

Twenty Years of Tamarack

Since its establishment fifty-five years ago, Tamarack Adventure and Retreat Center has worked with countless groups including Anderson Middle School. For twenty-one years, 6th-8th graders from Anderson leave Berkley, the suburban area they call home, to come to camp.  Laura Scribner, the group’s leader, has led the group for twenty-one years. She accounts the gorgeous … Read more

Singing, Dancing, Learning; A Night Around the Campfire

Due to the recent cold weather in Michigan, it may not have seemed like summer would ever arrive. But, a campfire is the perfect way to end a chilly May day. Powers Middle School’s 6th graders had the chance to top off one of their days at Tamarack Adventure and Retreat Center with a campfire sing-along. … Read more

High Ropes, High Encouragement, High Confidence

Making forest shelters, learning how to use a compass, and building rafts may not sound fun to all middle school girls. These activities may seem very different than the fast-paced, connected world. Yet, nineteen young women from the Academy of the Sacred Heart embraced the new and very fun activities. While reflecting on their high … Read more