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Welcome to the Farber Farm!

In 2018, Tamarack Adventure & Retreat Center announced the addition of our much awaited Farber Farm.

The farm produces food three seasons of the year—spring, summer, and fall. The wintertime is spent growing ideas for a better season, reflecting on the last season, and calculating the yields produced.

In the spring, crops for the summer harvest are planted, such as radishes, spinach, and peppers. During summer, the farm is the most vibrant full of colors and delicious vegetables. In fall, many root plants, like pumpkins and carrots, are harvested. Alex, our beloved Farm Manager, points out as the days shorten, people begin to hunker down and reflect indoors; similarly, the crops of this time are root plants that pull downward just like how people become more grounded as they await the cold season.

In addition to all the fruits and vegetables, the farm includes a pizza oven, a hoop house, and a calendar garden.

The Farber Farm is the perfect destination for any age class or group retreat who want to learn more about farm life.  To better understand the amazing programs we offer, please click here.