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A Corporate Family Retreat

When you were in school did you know everyone in your grade? What about now at work; can you name every coworker? The Sachse Enterprise is trying to make that a reality. Calling their trip at Tamarack Adventure the “Family Meeting 8,” members of all 5 of their companies made their way to camp. Professionals from Sachse Construction, Broder & Sachse Real Estate, Zolman Restoration, Stuart Mechanical, and Morrey’s Contracting all arrived in t-shirts and tennis shoes to start their fun-filled day in the outdoors.

Candice Susak, the company’s Empowerment Team Associate, and her team are in charge of training all new hires not only in software and procedures but getting them comfortable in the company environment. The company strives for professional development and to always improve themselves. The Enterprise goes on a retreat every year to build that confidence. This was their first trip to Tamarack Adventure & Retreat Center and, after being recommended through associates, Candice was excited to bring her group. They participated in group initiatives, which focuses on team building, communication skills, and trust. Additionally, the participants completed the tango tower/giant swing, which builds confidence in the individual and the group’s ability to support one another.

One group initiative activity was the J-hook. To complete this, each group member controls a string, and all these strings are attached to a hook in the middle. The group has to work together to move the strings in such a way that they can hook the block, pick it up, and then place it into a bucket. After placing two blocks in the bucket, it was time to discuss. One point they brought up was that it’s imperative to express what is needed in order to succeed. Whoever was closest to the block would take charge and help direct everyone since they had the best vantage point. It was also said that it can be hard to trust others when things get difficult. It took the group a number of times to pick up the block and it was clear that people were beginning to get frustrated. Reflecting on the activity, members named patience and cooperation as very important factors when working as a team.

The second block of the J-hook activity had a smaller hole to hook onto. One member pointed out that better teamwork was needed to succeed with the harder goal. As challenges arise and projects grow harder, it’s important to hone the group dynamic. It is not always about how fast it takes to finish; rather, it’s imperative to stay focused and not get too comfortable as time passes. When you rush or do something repetitively, people tend to lose the details. A member stated that it’s easy to forget the importance of the process when it is repeated. Every time you complete a project or a report it should be your best work possible.

As an adult, it may seem hard to picture yourself climbing a challenge course tower or swinging on a giant swing; team building activities in the woods may sound silly, but that is why they are so important. Not only do you get to have fun and step away from everyday tasks, but you step out of your comfort zone. Being a team player is not something that goes away as you mature; instead, it becomes even more important in the workforce. The reflections after each activity brought out deeper understandings and each activity itself brought the group together. The Enterprise strives to always improve and Tamarack Adventure & Retreat Center is proud to be a part of that corporate progress.


Author: G. Noonan